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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Second Day

Today I bought a "balloon kit," to inflate balloons to tie to the railing out front and gather more interest. I also will order a vinyl banner to be tied to the railing, as we are not allowed to attach anything to the brick store front in any way that might damage it.

We will get/make a sandwich board: one for the immediate front and one to put out on the curb adjacent to Washington Street proper, even though such sandwich boards are illegal. But EVERYONE has one!

We need to make it clear to people where we are. The space is wonderful, but without Dancing Girls in the parking lot, or fireworks over the building every night, or a Dog and Pony act out front every day, how can we draw the customers in?

This is not new to me; my husband and I have been fighting this good fight for almost twenty years to get people to come into our Halloween Art Show during Haunted happenings. We always had a shoe-string budget, so we had to think WAY outside the box! I'm thinking we have to think along those same lines this time, too, as we have NO budget. The insurance company will cover "interruption of business," but there is a cap. AND they're being very SLOW in advances. If I don't have the sheckles to pay for advertising, I have to rely on my instincts to reach YOU!

Hope you stop by, if even to say Hello!
The Art Corner
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