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Monday, May 26, 2008


I guess we took the holiday a little too seriously and spent the day removing what--we hope!--was the LAST of the customers' work from the burned out store. I can remember a couple of customers' pieces that we have been unable to locate. And some of the stuff we dug up today, we knew what they were, but they were so badly damaged, that they weren't worth salvaging. Really. I KNOW that there may be the customer or two who may decide that that old map, which had fallen into shreds, may be puzzled together, but is it worth it? Really? Including all the mildew?

THIS is what this is all about--the "worth" of paper, material goods. I UNDERSTAND that family heirlooms were lost. I really do. Unfortunately, one of my "hobbies" is to go antiquing. I love the hunt for some treasured object I can posess which might complete my collection of this thing or another.

I get sad, however, when I see things like pocket watches, which I know were given to retirees in the Old Days as a treasured memento. But none of that person's family cared enough to see that that "pension" was passed down. And so you see it on the Flea Market field. I hope that when I am old enough that the days ahead of me are far shorter than the days behind, I can sell my collections to benefit ME, rather than the vulturine "Antiques Dealers" waiting for my last breath.

I, too, profit from those sad families. I buy Antique Frames and clean them up and re-sell them. I love them! Customers love them! Unfortunately, many of those antique frames come with photos or prints or artwork in them. I tried to save most of those that I had collected over the last year or so, but the water damage took the majority of them. I am gradually re-building that, as well as the store.

Memorial Day is appropriate for today, as we remember those who have gone before us! Including antique-hunting SCORES!



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