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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Is there one of those obnoxious Emoticons showing the rolling of eyes? I'm sure there is. Yesterday, as I drove past the old building, I saw that the door was open and the landlord's Cause and Origins guy was there, whom I'd met and worked with over a MONTH ago! I thought it was a Done Deal, as to the cause of the fire, as did my Public Adjuster. But now MY insurance company has sent in their OWN guy, who is working with the landlord's C&O guy! How over-the-top and put-too-fine-a-point-on-it is THAT? It's been FIVE WEEKS!

I GET it--the insurance companies have a bunch of lawyers working to do EXACTLY that, as lawyers are wont to do.

Anyway. We are working hard to be open Monday, but we won't have a working credit card processing machine until later that day or maybe the next, or maybe later in the week. I don't truly know. We have SOME frame corner samples that were delivered today, with more coming tomorrow and many more due--hopefully!--Monday! We are still waiting for our mat cutter, which won't fall until Tuesday, and then we have to wait until Wednesday for help to set that up and the glass cutter. Today, we picked up a frame chopper, which was DONATED! Thank you, Connie! Glad to help you out and get it out of your basement!

So I guess that means our "soft" opening won't happen until later that week...

We have the go-ahead for our planned signs. I just have to drop off the signed permit tomorrow with the $20 check to the city Planning Department. Elaine went to the Design Review Board meeting last night, as I was tied up with Jim McAllister's "Roast." She reported twenty minutes later that the Planning Department and the Design Review Board had not approved our signage and one other as quickly EVER BEFORE! Some kind of record...
I understand, as I 'm a sort of person who likes to leave as little as possible disturbed where ever I go. Though I have purple hair, I try to "fit in" where possible. I'm not a Radical, just an eyebrow raiser. I saw what the other tenants had for signage, thought of our fugitiveness in that space, and said--this is enough! Nothing fancy.
Look for more improvements as the weeks progress.
The Art Corner
231 Washington St
Salem, MA 01970
RE-OPENING JUNE 2! Open M-Sat, 9-5, except June 7, open until 3. GO, Big Brown!


Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

Lawyers and "adjusters" bill for time. That's how they work. Every phone call, every time they go to the "site" they bill for it. ANd stretch it out as long as they can. When our car was demolished by an old lady in a van, in 2005, our insurance company had us taken care of that day and a check, days later that went for a new car. 4 weeks later, THEIR insurance company called ME to "start to work on this" and I told them it was a done deal, that MY insurance would be in touch with THEM if not already. Recently our health insurer was queried by us about a charge they paid-it was for flu shots. They told us "No problem! We're here to serve you!" A week later, this dweeb calls us from the same place saying "We actually don't pay for that, you do" and what I could not MAKE CLEAR was THEY ALREADY PAID. All we were doing was making sure it wasn't FRAUD and they in turn, for our honesty,tell us we were in the wrong! Nice huh? They paid for it.

7:58 AM  
Blogger The Art Corner said...

Hey, Bob!

Same thing is working up here. Two weeks into this thing, I called my Public Adjuster and told him he needed to make it clear to the insurance company that we had to rescue the customers' work, or the longer they waited, the more it would cost them for the restoration, if the customer's chose to go that route. two days loater, I get a call from him, saying"It would be good for your to get out what customers' work you can, because it'll minimize the cost of the damage." Like it was HIS idea!

Our public adjuster takes a set, agreed-upon percentage of the return. But I will make SURE they work for their money! They are trying to rush me right now to complete the lost inventory, but that is impossible until I can talk to ALL my customers who had work in the fire and who ALSO have a say in the outcome of this! And rightly so!

Isn't there a Pink Floyd song about these situations? "Money, money, money, money mon-ey!"


10:26 PM  
Blogger Bob Eggleton (Zillabob) said...

There's also an ABBA song called "Money,Money,Money"...but I digress...

12:11 AM  
Blogger Ramcat7 said...

Now, on the other hand, I'm an electrician who is in the middle of this fray and no one seems to be on my side. I will be at the site on Monday morning the 7th of July with and investigator of my own trying to determine if my lie is on the line. According to Wendy when I met her up here in Rowley, it was not my wiring that caused this fire. Then why am I dragged into it?

7:40 PM  
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