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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Temporary Location

We have a verbal agreement on a temporary location in the same neighborhood as the original store. I won't say where yet, until we get the signed lease in our hands, which should be some time end of this week, beginning of next.

In the temporary location, our selection will be much smaller, but we will have our suppliers catalogs on hand for extra selection. We can order samples from them, if you are really intrigued by a frame in a catalog. It'll just take longer.

We'll have the same staff, but personnel will be divided between the two locations. While the construction crew is repairing the first floor, we hope to be rebuilding a new and more efficient moulding rack in the cellar, since the cellar won't be much involved in the construction work, except for the electrical(!)

My one main concern is that the landlord's insurance isn't enough to cover the cost of the damage repair. He may decide to total the building.

In that case, we have our temporary space (fingers crossed!) and have time to find a NEW, permanent place! Prolly on Canal Street. That area is slated by the city for renewal, is easy to get to, and has many spaces available.

As it is, we will continue to honor our recently released coupons of 30 and 35% off custom franing. We will also gradually build up a new stock of our famous watercolor and oil painting frame kits. It appears, from the photos taken by my husband, and his visual assessment, that the antique frames in the cellar fared well. We will continue to build up that stock as well, though at a slower pace than the last year, as our resources will be limited until we can be back in full swing again.

Ever onward and upward!


Blogger Marianne said...

Will you know what kind of replacement stock you might need for front of store sales in your temp quarters, do you think? I was thinking of sending you some replacement prints when you get the new temp premises up and running.

Utrecht had a nice wooden printrack on sale last week, too. :-D


12:26 PM  
Blogger The Art Corner said...

I'll check out Utrecht for that print rack, Marianne, and THANK YOU! And I'll talk to you and Bob soon about more prints...


11:01 PM  
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