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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Artwork Triage

We had a plan today to go in and rescue customers' work, primarily under the main work counters where we store the finished orders, and under the dry mount press counter where we store most of the pending orders.

The finished orders seem mostly water damaged, but we'll know better when we take the artwork out of the framing packages to better assess them. We have a clean, dry area and the tools--newly purchased!--to do this. We'll photograph everything each step of the way and contact each customer as we go along. And discuss what needs to be done from there. This is all new to ME and, I think, the insurance company, although in PRINT, I have coverage for it! They may try to wiggle, but we'll stop that!

We can refund deposits and such, and place a claim if a piece is lost completely. Unfortunately, the insurance company will need some kind of PROOF, so get those sales receipts ready! Not just the receipt you got from us, but from when you bought the artwork!

We had an up and down day today pulling out stuff and discovering what survived (maybe!) and not. Pieces that I was sure were fine, because I thought I saw the backs of them, turned out to be nothing but wallboard. Other peices that I thought were toast turned out to be only water damaged.

Some of the glassware survived. Being not so porous, the glassware needs only a good cleaning with ammonia and Fabreze. Many of the procelain horses survived.

Equipment in the back room has been damaged almost beyond repair. But I found unpaid BILLS intact and checks and checkbook pages still usable, as well as a reorder form!

The WEIRDEST thing I found today was what looked like a EGG on the back counter. I picked it up and wondered what it was. I couldn't imagine of how it got there, or what piece of artwork or equipment might have left this *melted* perfectly ovoid thing; then I thought that it was a pigeon egg! I've seen many of those, as I own a formerly homeless homing pigeon as a pet and she used to lay eggs all the time before she got too old. The egg I found today "candled" as a true egg--I shone the flashlight through it! It was hard-boiled! It was pretty hard, too, so I struck it with a chisel just to be sure and the shell cracked like a proper egg should. I guess pigeons have been nesting in the eaves?

Maybe I'll retrieve that as well to include in a collage of the fire--the ignition wire, the egg. What else will we find?

It's like a sooty, smokey puzzle.



Blogger Unknown said...

didn't you know? that's how pigeons spawn, in fires. they're like small, grey, low-budget phoenixes.
very weird. but I expect no less from you guys :)

10:15 PM  

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