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Monday, April 28, 2008


We have a nibble on a new location for a short term lease, like 6 months, in order to rebuild the store's reputation and customer base, which has been cut as much adrift as we, personally, have.

The kind of store that we have is MUCH more customer-active than many stores. Rarely can you walk into the Art Corner and just "buy something." You have to leave your personal property for us to care for and then, hopefully, enhance. We know this and cherish it.

We so desperately want to go in and rescue customers' work; to save it. But we can't.

We are trapped with having to wait for the adjusters and investigators to go in and extrapolate "where" the fire began, when WE can clearly see it from the photos that Chuck took yesterday. I go in tomorrow with my two adjusters and I will take MORE photos of the area in question. We haven't received the official report from the fire department yet, but we know they'll corroborate our theory.

The fire's origin is the lynch pin to the insurance companies and how they'll handle this situation. They'll fight over who's "responsible" and the sad fact is, no matter HOW they spin this, THEY are the ones responsible, because WE--the Art Corner and the Landlord--PAY the insurance companies to be "responsible." One or the other will "win out" in the end, and who does that profit?

The landlord and the Art Corner will still need a building and store to continue business.


Not for US, but for the insurance companies to go through all that "in-fighting." Any one reading this ever been through bullying in school? Same thing. We are prepared.

(And I hope that the insurance adjusters look at this post and THINK about what they do!)

Wendy--still plugging. NEVER stopping!


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