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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reclaim Time Frame


I talked further to my insurance adjuster and my public adjuster today and it seems we will not be allowed to assess customers' work for at least a couple more weeks, because the landlord's adjuster has to go in and measure and his construction crew has to measure and estimate, before WE can go in and reclaim the stuff that belongs to us and to YOU!

It's rotten, but it's the same attitude the firemen had the night of the fire: save lives first; stuff second! Which is why they JUMPED to the task of saving the goldfish!

The building owner has first priority in these matters, I've been told. The tenant comes second. I can understand this attitude, because, without a building, you got NOTHING!

The store phone # is up and running, so you can call me directly at 978-745-9524, 9-5pm seven days a week. PLEASE call if you have an order at the store! I need to catalog everyone's work and contacts, so we can get back to you as soon as we know what to do! We're winging it here! We've never been through such a scenario, and hope to NEVER again!

But it appears that it's going to take time. I'm a VERY patient person, but this is wearing on even me!

Ah, well--just another Speed Bump on the Road of Life--I guess.