Location: salem, Massachusetts, United States

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inside--first photos

The downstairs moulding rack. Pretty normal except for water stains. Don't know what's happened in the back, so it may be bad, but it looks good from the front!

The first floor: bad!

Bizarre how these things go. We are finding weird things as we very gradually look around, for just a few minutes today.

First, it was the fact that the fish survived--EXCEPT FOR THE LITTLEST GOLDFISH! He succumbed the next morning. The others are doing fine--SO FAR!

We've already found some things that I would have thought were very fragile survived in our quick foray into the front. A few hand-blown glass perfume bottles, an antique, China trade bowl, a porcelain horse or two. A few antique frames.

The pattern of the fire was one of a flash fire, very quick and scorching, rather than a good burn. The state trooper inspecter asked many questions about flammable materials, solvents, and thinners. We found most spray cans intact.

The basement looks pretty much normal. Water has pooled in various places and some of the equipment has already rusted, but the moulding may be partially salvaged. The adjuster said about how bad smoke damage can be, but we feel that the smoke never went downstairs. It, like heat, goes UP.

We'll see. This will be a LONG process!

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