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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

West Charlton Frame Company

For those of you who need framing fairly quickly, you can go to This is the new business of the former owner of the Art Corner. He makes oil and watercolor frame kits, with free shipping!

Please consider him.


Salem Arts Association

The great, wonderful, amazing people of the Salem Arts Association are planning a benefit for the Art Corner in June. They are the most wonderful bunch of people I have ever met and are going the extra yards for us! Go to

The City has offered help; the Chamber of Commerce has offered help; frame shops from around the area have offered help.

I am overcome by everyone's generousity and kindness.

Wendy--(who apparently was on a bit of a rant last night, judging by my prior post! Hee, hee!)

Monday, April 28, 2008


We have a nibble on a new location for a short term lease, like 6 months, in order to rebuild the store's reputation and customer base, which has been cut as much adrift as we, personally, have.

The kind of store that we have is MUCH more customer-active than many stores. Rarely can you walk into the Art Corner and just "buy something." You have to leave your personal property for us to care for and then, hopefully, enhance. We know this and cherish it.

We so desperately want to go in and rescue customers' work; to save it. But we can't.

We are trapped with having to wait for the adjusters and investigators to go in and extrapolate "where" the fire began, when WE can clearly see it from the photos that Chuck took yesterday. I go in tomorrow with my two adjusters and I will take MORE photos of the area in question. We haven't received the official report from the fire department yet, but we know they'll corroborate our theory.

The fire's origin is the lynch pin to the insurance companies and how they'll handle this situation. They'll fight over who's "responsible" and the sad fact is, no matter HOW they spin this, THEY are the ones responsible, because WE--the Art Corner and the Landlord--PAY the insurance companies to be "responsible." One or the other will "win out" in the end, and who does that profit?

The landlord and the Art Corner will still need a building and store to continue business.


Not for US, but for the insurance companies to go through all that "in-fighting." Any one reading this ever been through bullying in school? Same thing. We are prepared.

(And I hope that the insurance adjusters look at this post and THINK about what they do!)

Wendy--still plugging. NEVER stopping!


I've been told by someone who has had experience in this sort of thing that I should not expect too much as far as the moulding stored in the cellar. While it may seem that it LOOKS okay, water damage is insidious. Leafed moulding is first coated with gesso or plaster, and exposure to water can cause the gesso to expand. It may take time, like MONTHS, but the damage WILL happen. So trashing all of our current stock is a good idea, in other words.

I hate to do it, as I'm a "waste not; want not" sort of person, but it may be best in the end.

Time will tell.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Inside--first photos

The downstairs moulding rack. Pretty normal except for water stains. Don't know what's happened in the back, so it may be bad, but it looks good from the front!

The first floor: bad!

Bizarre how these things go. We are finding weird things as we very gradually look around, for just a few minutes today.

First, it was the fact that the fish survived--EXCEPT FOR THE LITTLEST GOLDFISH! He succumbed the next morning. The others are doing fine--SO FAR!

We've already found some things that I would have thought were very fragile survived in our quick foray into the front. A few hand-blown glass perfume bottles, an antique, China trade bowl, a porcelain horse or two. A few antique frames.

The pattern of the fire was one of a flash fire, very quick and scorching, rather than a good burn. The state trooper inspecter asked many questions about flammable materials, solvents, and thinners. We found most spray cans intact.

The basement looks pretty much normal. Water has pooled in various places and some of the equipment has already rusted, but the moulding may be partially salvaged. The adjuster said about how bad smoke damage can be, but we feel that the smoke never went downstairs. It, like heat, goes UP.

We'll see. This will be a LONG process!

978-745-9524--phone # activating mid-week.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Here's two images that were in the Salem News today. You can read the articles in the Salem News at, one on Friday, April 25 and one on Saturday, April 26.
Thank you!


Hi, everyone.

I'm going to dash off a quick message here and then update it as often as I can while we go through this coming ordeal.

The store suffered a major fire Thursday night around 9pm. The first floor was burned, though we haven't been inside yet to see how badly.

The cellar seems okay, except for any water damage that may have occurred.

Two of the three goldfish survived! The littlest one, I found, succumbed this morning. The little white catfish is fine, too. They are in a tank in my kitchen at home.

Next week, we will have the phone number back up and running, so I can be contacted directly--978-745-9524.

Right now, our plans are to rebuild and continue serving our friends, the customers and artists who have been so loyal to us over the thirty years that the store has been in existence, and the twenty years I have been there.

Once all the insurance adjusters have done their thing, we'll be able to assess the customers' orders and start contacting people.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVE WORK AT THE STORE, PLEASE CALL 978-745-9524, SOMETIME STARTING MID-WEEK. (The phone won't be activated for a few days.) This is in case order slips have been destroyed, because I would have no other way to reach you!

Thanks for all the kind words and offers of help from customers, friends and family...we really appreciate it!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Bring up to two pieces, no larger than 20"x24" FRAMED and/or ready to hang to the Art Corner for inclusion in the May show.

No entry fees, but we take 25% commission from all sales.

Drop off is RIGHT NOW! I wish to hang to show the first weekend of May. The artist's reception will be May 9, 6-9pm.

The show is open to EVERYONE!

Animals include everything NOT a vegetable or a mineral--so it's dogs and kitties, horses and llamas, birds, penguins, snails, frogs, worms, ameobas, etc.

The Art Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01970
Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5
Thurs 'til 7
Sundays 1-4

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Brand Spankin' New!


The month of April brings the fresh, new work of the Salem Arts Association on display at the Art Corner. We had a great reception, with over fifty people in attendence.

Come see it!


The Art Corner

264 Washington Street

Salem, MA 01970