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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Holiday Framing

Christmas Gift Giving Season is upon us and earlier than usual! We are bogged down in work and are working extra hours. Elaine, Justin and I are coming in a half hour earlier each morning and leaving a half hour later each evening. Nancy is coming in for 3 hours in the evening once a week. Doesn't seem like much when you look at it, but it gives us 18 man-hours a week extra! Two+ days of work hours a week!

We have a lot of work to get done before Thanksgiving--we want to make sure you have your family portraits and Fine Art works on the walls to show off to your Thanksgiving Guests, after all! So please bear with us!

And I anticipate that this Christmas Season will be one of the Art Corner's BEST!

(I'm knocking furiously on wood to right now to scare off any ill-bearing goblins that my prediction will come true!!)

Wendy, mentally gearing up for the season ahead!
The ART Corner
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