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Friday, November 11, 2005

Update: the Salem Gazette

The Salem Gazette published an article today about the Salem postcards which I spoke of a couple of posts back.

The ART Corner was prominently featured. The bottom half of the Front Page highlighted the back of a postcard I provided: "A picture post card of the Salem fire--bears burdensome message: 'Dear Sister, Words cannot describe the scenes here.'" refering to the Great Salem Fire of 1914 which burned to the ground half of Salem.

On page 12 the article continued and concluded. It featured a TERRIBLE picture of me, but it's not the photographer's fault, just ME!!

I'll quote the passage about the ART Corner: "Unlike the others, Wendy Snow-Lang's interest is largely commercial. She looks for postcards to frame and sell at the ART Corner...Snow-Lang says she's seen prices of certain postcards reach more than $200 on eBay.

"The ART Corner sells framed postcards of Salem scenes for $39...framed Salem Halloween postcards go for $59.

""Customers are fascinated by them," she says. "I search for antique postcards and Salem cards seem to predominate. I can't quite imagine any other small city creating such a fascination."

"Despite her desire to make sales, there are some cards in Snow-Lang's collection with which she won't part.

"She's partial to one of the Custom House and Old Ladies Home, in which the windows have been painted in warm, shimmering tones that make them look illuminated. She also loves postcards bearing the 1920's vintage pen-and-ink-and-watercolor work of an unknown artist who signed his initials--AMC.

""This one shows a witch painting white cats with black ink for Halloween," she says, pulling it from her deck to show it off. "I'm keeping this one.""

The ART Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, Ma. 01970


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