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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Salem Gazette

The ART Corner may be featured in the Salem Gazette this week!

I was interviewed by a Salem Gazette reporter today, I believe his name was Bill Woolley--(I hesitate about the spelling of his last name because I know from first hand that the given name of "Woolley" has many permutations--Wooley, Wholley, Whoolley, etc!)

We talked of the antique Salem postcards which I have recently begun to feature on the walls of the store. I collect antique Salem postcards and frame them and put them for sale. I try to buy the postcards that are from neighborhoods, rather than civic buildings and tourist attractions, but I offer those, too.

I buy the postcards from antique marts, flea markets, eBay, etc.

I have a collection from the Great Salem Fire of 1914. I want to give these postcards special remembrance. One of the cards was particularly poignant: It read--I paraphrase: "Dear Sister, words cannot describe the scenes here" I got this card shortly after Katrina and chills ran up my spine after reading the message.

I also collect Holiday postcards from the turn of the 20th century. Most of the post dates for ALL of the postcards, including the Salem ones, are from 1903--1920-ish. Sort of that era. The Halloween ones are particularly desirable. I look on eBay and pay on average $20 for each one. I've seen Halloween postcards from that era selling for upwards of $250!!! I'm looking into Christmas now, but the Halloween cards seem the most popular!

Here's a sampling:


The ART Corner

264 Washington Street

Salem, Ma 01970



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