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Sunday, November 27, 2005

First Hire

I hired my first NEW employee this week!

We are SO bogged down with Christmas work that we are working overtime and still not getting all the work done. A girl walked in the store the other day, looking for work and I basically hired her on the spot! She presented a very professional resume and seemed sincere in her approach. I mumbled a few excuses, then excused her, then discussed with Elaine about the situation.

Then I called Erin back and asked her to come in on Saturday.

She'll fit right in with us and help take the edge off all the work we have to do--not that I'm complaining! October was the SECOND highest month The ART Corner has EVER had! December might prove to be the BEST!

And Erin will help us reach that goal!

Thanks for helping, Erin!

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