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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Work Space

Top photo is of our ready-made frames waiting for mats, glass and foamcore to be added.
The next photo down is of the salvaged compressor that still works in the upstairs storage space.
Upstairs is also where we are putting salvaged moulding, including donated moulding from a shop in Marblehead that is no longer offering framing!
Next is the "table" we cobbled together that consists of 12 20 gallon-long fish tanks--12"x12"x30"--topped by a DOOR that is topped by foamcore! It'll work until we can build tables out of plywood and 2"x4"s. (The shop space was a pet store before we took over and they left MANY fish tanks! Any one need a fish tank? They have a hole drilled in a side, to accomodate the store filter system, so they don't hold water, but they would work GREAT for hamsters or snakes, or such! Anyone?)
After that is the chopper that was donated by the same Marblehead woman who had closed her shop.
Then is the photo of the TWO wall cutters we use! The C&H we salvaged from the shop, but we couldn't get a good answer from Neilsen about how to set it up, nor do we know how to change the glass wheel or cutting blade! Any one? The other wall cutter is the Fletcher that we bought new from Don Mar, one of our suppliers. The Don Mar rep, Dave Campion, set up BOTH cutters, though he knew nothing about the C&H, so he couldn't tell us much.
The Art Corner
231 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01970
Mondays-Saturdays 9 to 5pm.


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