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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our tortoise had its/his/her "well bay" examination by Dr. Elizabeth Bradt on Monday. Liz is GREAT! She has seen our birds from time to time when they've had "issues." She found our tortoise to be A #1! Good flesh; bright eyes, no nasal discharge, very active, eating GREAT! AND she found NO PARASITES in the fecal sample!

We're STILL looking for a name, however! We have the "ballot box" in place until August 27, exactly a month since we bought the tortoise from PetCo. We will then go through the suggestions to pick the one we like best!

I realize this all seems rather "frivolous" compared to the devastation we've been through recently, but Life Goes On, y'know. You have to LIVE.

We're getting VERY near the end of this recent "set-back" the FIRE. The insurance company is VERY close to closing the claim--so if you haven't contacted me about your lost piece DO SO IMMEDIATELY!

Soon, we will start gutting the old location and re-building. I want it to look similar--but not REALLY--to our current temporary space. We have ideas...

Onwards and upwards, always!
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