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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Insurance Adjusters

I placed a call to my Public Adjuster today. When she called back, she said I must have felt my ears "burning," as she had just gotten off the phone with my insurance company's adjuster. The claim had been filed about three weeks ago and we were just waiting for the call to meet with the adjuster with his Questions.

That should happen this coming week. And then, the check will come through shortly after that and then I can contact all you customers who have lost stuff and have been in CONTACT WITH ME and have produced receipts of your lost work and then YOU and I can "settle up." But that only applies to those who gave me receipts prior to three weeks ago. Those who have contacted me since then will have to wait a little longer and those who HAVEN'T produced receipts will have to wait even longer--and may not have any satisfaction from the insurance company in the end.

I'm trying--and HARD!--To make things work for you, but they need "evidence!" They will not take my word for it that your lost work is worth such and such. They need PROOF! Just like in a court of law. The more paperwork, the better.

In the end, I can advocate and my public adjuster can advocate for you to the best we can, but it's all up to the insurance company and their adjuster and their decision.

If you have issues with those decisions, we can direct you to the persons responsible and you can meet with them and try to persuade them.

Best of luck to us all! (Fingers crossed!)

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