Location: salem, Massachusetts, United States

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where will we be in a year?


We looked at a space closer to downtown today. It is entirely UNUSEABLE for us and WAY too expensive! These people who are snapping up all of downtown Salem have delusions of grandeur on an ENORMOUS scale! They are nice as people, but they don't "get it." I understand that we don't need yet another Spanish food market, or pizza shop or nail place downtown, but REALLY!

They should be falling all over themselves to accomodate us, as we are the type of shop that will bring only the BEST to downtown! In our new space we are actually becoming a real "gallery!" we've sold FIVE artworks in the last week and a half! In the old space, it'd be five pieces in five MONTHS! But people didn't come in there for artwork. They were interested in framing only. But the space could be set up to accomodate both, if planned out correctly. AND it'd be cheaper; AND it has PARKING; AND we can eventually BUY IT and make it even BETTER!

We had some ideas in mind but they are proving to be defeated by others' higher ideas. It would be nice to ignore civic trends and manufacture or BUY your own, wouldn't it?

Nuff said,
The Once and Future Art Corner