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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Images

Here's the back of the Cherokee loaded with moulding to be stored in my Mom's basement for the duration. The Cherokee is a God-send and a Work Horse. I want a Mini Clubman, as it has cargo space, but NOT like the Cherokee! Heap much praise on the Cherokee! Invaluable!

Here is what is left of the cash register. A melted lump of plastic.

Here is a shot of the right front window area, as you face the building from outside. This is the area where we had our art exhibits. Behind the rather Roman looking column/pedestail, you can see the singed fronds of one of our palm trees. The store plants didn't make it, though the goldfish did!

This is a framed print of a very well known science fiction/fantasy artist Dean Morrissey. Dean was the Artist Guest of Honor at this year's Boskone, Boston's Regional science fiction convention. A friend of ours bought this Fine Art print and entrusted it to us to frame. He also bought one of Chuck's giclee prints of "Stonehinge" for us to frame. Both were in the fire. The Wizard print survived, though the frame was charcoal. The Stonehinge print was not so good. We'll replace it.

This is Gary Laparl, president of the Salem Arts Association, myself, Chuck and Sara Ashodian at the Toast Benefit. Largely enjoyed by all! What a great night! It was SO much fun, I can't praise enough!

Here is one of our "lobster dishes" that we use for our receptions. They are antiques. They were on the top shelf in the back room and got nicely scorched. After scrubbing them well using Dawn and Scotch Brites, we have this. Instead of all the elbow grease and time wasted, though, I have resorted to putting them in my dishwasher and MOST of the soot has dissappeared!

These are some random images from the last three months.
The Art Corner
231 Washington Street
Salem, MA 02970


Blogger Jim Belfiore said...

I'll never think of an allegorical Phoenix again without seeing 'Scotch Brite' flash before my eyes.

It's amazing how far you've come in so short a time.

10:17 AM  
Blogger The Art Corner said...

Hee, hee, Jim!

Chuck wants us to send those pictures to Scotch!


11:29 PM  
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