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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Happy Holidays to all!!

This is the season which I've always considered to be the "End of the Year," which it IS, and a time to plan new--even BEFORE David left the scene!

This week, we will spend time cleaning the store, besides completing the "After Christmas" framing.

Plans include:
*Installing track lighting for the Gallery side of the store.
*Solidifying the Gallery and its goals and mechanics. How will we run/advertise/pay for/promote the art shows we intend on hosting?
*Installing electric outlets by the entrance so that we can have lighting in the windows and a FISH TANK by the door!!
*Generating a REAL Mailing List!!
*Rearranging the Sample Wall to accomodate many MORE moulding samples that I have NOT had the room to show.
*Removing the aweful ready-made display that has acted as a "wall" in the Right Hand side of the store, blocking the "Traffic Flow" from enjoying that side of the display room.
*Installing my laptop as a "store computer" (but NOT cash register, as I just bought one of those!!) and hooking up DSL to the laptop. Purchasing a scanner, printer, copier, fax to hook-up to the computer.
*Redesigning the Ready-Made Frame Spinner into a metal moulding display.
*Finding the "Perfect" luxurious divan and Oriental rug for the Gallery Side of the store to offset the ugly Ready-Made display stand that now occupies the right-hand side of the store.
*Painting the center column to match the Gallery Side wall and installing shelves there, as well as Artwork.

*This summer: rebuilding the moulding rack in the cellar, as the one there now is sagging terribly and will fall down soon if not addressed!! This will be a LONG project! David is a carpenter and so he and his friend built the original rack somewhat easily, but WE are NOT, so it will be a MAJOR rebuild! AND a Learning Experience!
*Disassembling the bulkhead in the back lot and filling it in, paving it over so the cellar won't leak anymore.
*Installing iron lally columns close to the corners of the buildings to prevent cars from taking out the corners!!!
*Painting the back room and the bathroom, parts of the cellar. Replacing stained ceiling tiles, if not painting them a COLOR!!!
*MAKING 2006 THE BEST YEAR THE ART CORNER HAS EVER HAD!!!! (Cracking the Half a Mil mark!!!)

Happy New Year!!

The ART Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, Ma 01970


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