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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Happy Holidays to all!!

This is the season which I've always considered to be the "End of the Year," which it IS, and a time to plan new--even BEFORE David left the scene!

This week, we will spend time cleaning the store, besides completing the "After Christmas" framing.

Plans include:
*Installing track lighting for the Gallery side of the store.
*Solidifying the Gallery and its goals and mechanics. How will we run/advertise/pay for/promote the art shows we intend on hosting?
*Installing electric outlets by the entrance so that we can have lighting in the windows and a FISH TANK by the door!!
*Generating a REAL Mailing List!!
*Rearranging the Sample Wall to accomodate many MORE moulding samples that I have NOT had the room to show.
*Removing the aweful ready-made display that has acted as a "wall" in the Right Hand side of the store, blocking the "Traffic Flow" from enjoying that side of the display room.
*Installing my laptop as a "store computer" (but NOT cash register, as I just bought one of those!!) and hooking up DSL to the laptop. Purchasing a scanner, printer, copier, fax to hook-up to the computer.
*Redesigning the Ready-Made Frame Spinner into a metal moulding display.
*Finding the "Perfect" luxurious divan and Oriental rug for the Gallery Side of the store to offset the ugly Ready-Made display stand that now occupies the right-hand side of the store.
*Painting the center column to match the Gallery Side wall and installing shelves there, as well as Artwork.

*This summer: rebuilding the moulding rack in the cellar, as the one there now is sagging terribly and will fall down soon if not addressed!! This will be a LONG project! David is a carpenter and so he and his friend built the original rack somewhat easily, but WE are NOT, so it will be a MAJOR rebuild! AND a Learning Experience!
*Disassembling the bulkhead in the back lot and filling it in, paving it over so the cellar won't leak anymore.
*Installing iron lally columns close to the corners of the buildings to prevent cars from taking out the corners!!!
*Painting the back room and the bathroom, parts of the cellar. Replacing stained ceiling tiles, if not painting them a COLOR!!!
*MAKING 2006 THE BEST YEAR THE ART CORNER HAS EVER HAD!!!! (Cracking the Half a Mil mark!!!)

Happy New Year!!

The ART Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, Ma 01970


Blogger benneville said...

Terrific Blog, Wendy... and great, ambitious plans for the new year. As an old entrepreneur, I can guarantee your year will be exciting, creative, scary, (expensive), and FUN!.
I'm delighted to be part of it, as a customer, and look forward to seeing your progress. You have a great crew...and, with Charlie's can't miss. Love, ben

4:30 PM  
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