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Friday, November 11, 2005

Bugs and Butterflies

I threatened last post and here they are!

We have Bugs and Butterflies for sale at the ART Corner. A friend of mine goes to South East Asia several times a year: sometimes to Bali, sometimes to Indonesia, mainly to New Guinea. Yes, the tribe she visits has cannibal ancestors!!!

Last year she brought me back a Box 'O Bugs--native beetles and weevils. This year she brought the Butterflies.

I've framed a sampling of each and have them for sale at the ART Corner. You can get a grouping of 3 or 5 beetles or weevils, or a butterfly or 2 for $39! You may see SIMILAR things like this, but nothing EXACTLY like this, because I framed them in a style that I think highlights the bugs and butterflies the best!

Some of the Bugs have locations and dates where and when they were collected and I include those facts with the framed package. The butterflies tend to include the location of collection and the species--at least, the Genus of butterfly.

Sorry that the images are not the best or clearest. Guess you'll have to stop by the store to see them in all their glory! An explanation about the poor photos: I used MUSEUM GLASS for the framing of the bugs, and Museum Glass has almost No reflection--except when a flash is pointed at it! So I shut off the flash on my camera, and so the photos are not well lit and are somewhat blurry. The colors of the bugs are DULLED DOWN in these photos, however! The actual bugs and butterflies are much MORE colorful in real life!!

Thanks, Wendy

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