Location: salem, Massachusetts, United States

Friday, May 22, 2009


We are moving into our original location THIS WEEKEND, May 22 to 26. We will re-open at that location--264 Washington Street--on Wednesday, May 27.

In spite of the "closed" signs I have posted at our temporary location, we have made sales there today! While I certainly don't want to turn away business in this economy, we need to have the undivided time to move all our "Stuff" back to the original space.

Our insurance adjustor is ready to Sign the final Check: he just wants a final "tour" of the rebuilt store in order to okay that. THEN, all you patient people can get your claims! BUT the insurance company needs VALID receipts! Unfortunately, "sentimental" pieces mean NOTHING to the insurance companies. You need the kind of receipt that would stand up in COURT, it seems. Bring 'em in! CALL me!

I think about this dilemna daily: how can I maintain my "goodwill" with you, the customer, when the insurance company says it'll do NOTHING for those who lost valueable family memories? How can I say that my business is "fully insured" when it is, indeed, NOT? How can I let YOU know that your pieces are SAFE with us, when our insurance company won't insure that?

We do everything we can to protect your work: store them in folders under counters that are not disturbed in any way except when we are ready to work on your piece. The storage areas are up off the floor and contained. (This is why MANY of your works were preserved after the fire!) Because of the volume of the work we store, we can't keep everything in fire or water proof safes.

There are options. We are more than happy to have you bring in a piece to be measured and designed and you bring it back home with you until the framing materials are in house and we are ready to work on it. We'll call you and you can expect your piece to be completed that day that you bring it in!

I guess that I am trying to reassure everyone that we TREASURE every piece brought to us for framing and that there are circumstances outside our control that tie our hands when it comes to compensation and sympathy. We HAVE sympathy for YOUR dilemna! We just can't DO anything about it!

We will be open at the original location--264 Washington Street--on WEDNESDAY! Stop on by and see the process as we rebuild! We have a LOT of work to do still.

June 1-6 will be our Grand Re-Opening week! We'll have the mayor down to cut the ribbon; we'll have artists working their crafts; we'll have Door Prizes; we'll have refreshments!


The Art Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, Ma 01970


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