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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Here is a recently completed order, or, more precisely, most of it!  You can see five of the seven panels that form one scene. (Except that I'm standing in front of one!  Oops!)  Salem artist James Chisholm created this "heptadich."  Brush and ink on heavy watercolor paper in a Japanese Sumi style.  (That's "sumi" not "sumo!" Hee, hee!)

Jim paints in oils mainly and watercolor "en plein aire."  He teaches and has taught at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass, at the Museum School in Boston, at the PEM in Salem.  His works are in the permanemt collections at the Museum School, Harvard and Montserrat, among many others.

The framing of these pieces seemed daunting at first, but were, in essence, simple. They were originally painted on three giant pieces of paper, which I had to--with the full permission of the artist--cut into the seven pieces.  Measure twice, cut once!  Measure again, just to be sure.  Order the frame stock, build the frames.  Cut the mats, measure again, cut the plexi-glass.  Measure once more!!!  Weigh the paintings down on the Acid-Free foamcore backings and measure again, then, using Acid-Free tape--tape down on the top edge and a little down the sides--NOT all the way across the top and sides, just at two points on top and once on the sides near the top!!  Place the mat, taping that down onto the foamcore, with the tape not touching the artwork.  Throw on the plexi and throw it into the frame and we're done!

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