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Monday, June 07, 2010

What's new!


We've been busy through the Spring. We've discovered a Trend. Many artists are framing for exhibits--multiple pieces. Many regular customers are framing multiple pieces.

OR we are framing HUGE pieces and having to scramble around to accomodate the HUGE sizes! Normally, we can safely frame 40"x60" pieces. Larger than that creates a problem, but it depends. For an oil painting on canvas, we can do much larger, but we have to keep in mind what size we can move in and out of the cellar of the building! The doorways down there are only so big!

Matting something larger than 40'x60' is possible, but not by US, as our mat cutter will only handle 60".

Plexi is the ONLY option from us for anything larger than 36"x48". Our glass cutting machine will handle larger, but we like our FLESH too much to risk that!

Same as something VERY SMALL! The smaller the piece, the closer to the electrical RPM spinning saw our FINGERS get! We LIKE our fingers! We don't want to see them separated from our knuckles! Nothing less than 5" can be done. Hand saws can do much smaller dimensions, but that is not what we do. We want to get your orders done quickly and precisely!

Our prices aren't bad either!

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