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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photos of Progress

Here are some photos of what is going on in the rebuild. This is the view to the back of the store, to where the handicap entrance will be, that we believe will become the MAIN entrance to the store, since it is from the back parking lot. Notice the bright new ceiling joists! This is the wall in front of the cellar stairs, right where the fire began in the first place! Most of the studs have been replaced, but I notice that not ALL have! Notice the three charred ones in the middle. Are they not done yet? I don't notice any "smokey smell" when I go in there now...

This is the right hand wall when you come in the front door. The large block of particle board is blocking off an existing window. We want that window to be relocated to the back wall next to the handicap entrance, so that we can see customers parking and see if they need help with their framing pieces!

This is the new Front Entrance from the inside. Notice to either side of the door frame are framed out WINDOWS! Our doorway will be BRIGHT and AIRY!

Everything will be painted soft white, "Timothy Seed" from Ace Hardware. INCLUDING the ceiling! INCLUDING the work and design tables. We'll have matching commercial grade floor tiles. All of the accoutrements, accessories, will be Dark Walnut, such as the Crown Moulding and Baseboards.
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