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Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Updates

According to our landlords, their contractor is going to start moving on the rebuild soonest! As a result of this news, Chuck and I went into the old building and labelled everything that we want to keep in there, only stuff in the cellar. The first floor needs to be completely gutted! In the cellar, we have the large double miter saw still there, that can be rebuilt for far less than purchasing a new one. The moulding racks all need to go, but the aluminum ladder is salvagable. Etc, etc.

On another note, Scooter is eating less and less than when we first got her/him/it. We're not worried, though, as he/she/it is thinking about hibernating for the long, Russian winter. Last year at this time, Scooter was still a denizen of the steppes of Russia and September is the month to think about hibernating if you want to survive for the long, cold Russian winter. As harsh as New England winters can be, it ain't nothing like Russia! AND Scooter's going to be INDOORS this time and forever more! She won't have to worry about battening down for the season! So she can learn that she doesn't have to follow those instincts, though she will, as that is what "instincts" do. But she's safe.

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