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Friday, August 17, 2007

PEM Cornell Exhibit

Today I slipped into the Joseph Cornell exhibit at the Peabody-Essex Museum.

Frankly, I like what we have at the "Ode to Cornell" exhibit at Old Town Hall BETTER!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Wow! Is THAT suggestive! No, no, I just an reacting to the fact that I haven't posted here since MAY! I AM BAD!

What is in the works? What has been happening?

September brings a solo show in the gallery: Robin Samiljan from Swampscott will exhibit her wonderful, Zen-like watercolors. The repection for her show will be Friday the 14th, 6-9pm.

In the meantime, we will be spackling and repainting the gallery walls in a shade of salmon that co-ordinates with the color in the area rugs. PLUS we'll be getting gallery display moulding and chains and hooks, instead of making the sheetrock walls even MORE full of holes than it is right now!

I'm not sold completely on gallery chains, as opposed to gallery rods, but the expense right now is sensible. We'll deal with it, and make the best of it.

HOWEVER, the majority of my "spare" time lately has been taken up with the fledgling Salem Arts Association! We have had a BANG-UP inaugural show at Salem's Old Town Hall! We called the exhibit an "Ode to Cornell: What Would Joseph Do?" We had over 200 entries for the exhibit from artists all over the WORLD--including an entrant from New Zealand! Lynda Hartigan, curator of the Joseph Cornell exhibit at the PEM curated OUR show! She selected 76 pieces from the over 200 offered. (Including TWO of mine!) She was THRILLED that we did this exhibit and was a little emotional when asked to speak before the crowd of about 300 guests! SAA president Gary LaParl was literally choked up when it came his time to speak, and GOOD FOR HIM! He worked to the edge of exhaustion!

In the end, about EIGHT of us SAA members saw this exhibit very quickly to fruition and that's PATHETIC! With over 70 members, we should have nearly EVERY ONE helping out! We all work; we all have families; yadda, yadda! Heard it; seen it; been there; AM there!

I rant on because I am in the middle, but I experience the REWARDS! They are multiple! Good PR; good vibes; good friends; good creativity; good stimulus; good EXPOSURE! If you want to shout out to the world your particular passion, but are shy to do that, WE can back you up! Just ask!

Enough ranting for tonight.


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