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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hi, all!

Well, THIS has been an eventful week! The Salem Chamber of Commerce gives out an annual award for the Best retailing and business in Salem. Wednesday night, May 2nd, was the EIGHTY-FIFTH awards dinner! The Chamber presents six categories for consideration: Businessman, and Businesswoman of the Year, New Business of the Year, Long Term Achievement (Which the Art Corner was nominated for last year!) Community Service, and Excellence in Retail Awards.

I was nominated in the Business Woman of the Year category. I believe my competition was tough: Linda Cappucio of Strega Restaurant and Lounge, who won an Historic Makeover Award last year for her renovation of the Strega Building; Jennie Cudmore, Crunchy Granola Baby, for her new store featuring all natural and organic products for baby; Kathy Gauthier, owner of A Tough of the Past, who has been a Mover and Shaker in Salem for MANY years; Wendi Goldsmith, who owns the Bioengineering Group, which I know NOTHING about, but which employs at least a 1oo employees and is a multi-million dollar company in town; myself; and Diane Saia of Quint Essentials, a women's accessory shop in Pickering Wharf, which I also know little about. (Oh, well...)

Shocking as it was to me--I WON!

I just sit here in my chair and tap away at the keyboard night after night, drinking my Harvey's Bristol Cream and my husband Chuck and I brainstorm about the store most nights, then I go to work and do stuff to promote the store, or to do stuff I want to do, and half the time I feel like I'm not really focused, or I'm not accomplishing anything, but I guess I'm WRONG!

Others have noticed.

I'm not done yet. I've "Only Just Begun!" (The sad part is I think that was my high school class's Exit Song! Oy! I say Oy! and I'm not even Jewish!)

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