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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Here are the new signs and the new flowers in front: I'm PROUD of those signs: I painted them MYSELF! I said, "Why should I pay someone to make them, when I am perfectly capable

of doing it myself?" I really like the "cascading" frame effect in the window, too! At first, I thought the new signs would draw TOO MUCH attention to themselves--(as if THAT would be a problem! Hee, hee!)--because of their SIZE, but once they were in place, the "immediate" size was minimal. It's one thing to have them next to you; it's entirely a different matter to have them mounted on the store front.

I like the yellow mums throughout. Brings continuity. The pink mums in the window boxes got bugs. Ugh! I sprayed these new-comers with insecticide as I planted them, so hopefully, they will thrive.


The ART Corner

264 Washington Street

Salem, MA, 01970


Monday, October 16, 2006


We have a schedule:
November presents watercolorist Frank Constantino
December is a Small Works show by MANY Art Corner artists for holiday gift-giving.
January and February will be a retrospective of the exhibits we had in 2006.
March will be a Kid's Show, featuring the works of the Salem High School Art Class.
April will be Flowers and Gardens, for the new spring.
May is dedicated to maritme artist Peter Rogers.
June is again the Great Salem Fire exhibit, with NEW artifacts to offer.
July will be Maritime Artists, in time for the Maritime Festival.
August is Plein Air paintings. Please inquire if you are inerested in participating in any of these shows!

The ART Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01970

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Because it was, indeed, Friday the Thirteenth, we just HAD to have another reception for our October "Art That Goes BUMP in the Night" exhibit!

This reception went off as well as, if not better, than the one we held last week. About twenty people showed this time, including seven of the artists: from left to right--Marianne Plumridge, Bob Eggleton, Johnna Klukas, myself, Charles Lang, and Nick Demakes. Kathleen Ward, unfortunately, left before this photo was taken.

We had food galor, though no Kitty Litter Cake this time. Sales were brisk and by the end of the night, Johnna, Cortney Skinner and Elizabeth Massie had all sold two pieces! Marianne sold a piece, as well as myself.

Charles has been selling consistently all week long, between the ART Corner, the Kensington-Stobart Gallery and the Washington Square Studio, all within a short walk of each other and all featuring all of US! Johnna also sold a piece at the Kensington-Stobart. Cheers!

All is good! All is FUN! Stop on by and see all the excitement!

The ART Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, MA 01970

Monday, October 09, 2006


Here is the newest exhibit at the ART Corner: "Art That Goes Bump in the Night!" It features the work of ten, soon to be eleven, artists!
Charles Lang
Wendy Snow-Lang
Kathleen Ward
Nick Demakes
Bob Eggleton
Marianne Plumridge
Lynn Perkins
Cortney Skinner
Beth Massie
Johnna Klukas
and soon to come: Nancy Barnes

WE had a reception on Friday, October 6, which was attended by about two dozen well-wishers. WE had a fine time, though sales were light. We will have a SISTER reception on this Friday--Friday the 13th! (Spooky Music Cue NOW!) from 6 to 9pm. We feel this reception will be more heavily attended, because the 6th also fell over the weekend of Albacon in Albany NY and all our science fiction friends and collectors were there, instead of here.

PLUS, I've been sending Erin out to canvas the downtown streets to "hawk" the exhibit to the tourists. They've been trickling in.

Here's a sampling of the work we are showing, plus the crowd. Why, do you ask, is that dirty cat pan on the food table? Well, actually, if you google "kitty litter cake" you will find the answer. Yes, Virginia, it IS edible! AND delicious!
And what the HECK is that fleshy looking thing at the very end of the batch of photos? (Or is it, perhaps, the first photo you see?) THAT is a "Humite," and a little piece from the imagination of Cortney Skinner. If no one buys this little guy by the end of the show, he's coming home with ME!

Enjoy, enjoy!

Gallery hours through October ONLY: Monday to Thursday, 9 to 5:30, Friday and Saturday, 9 to 9, Sundays, 12 to 5. Hours will be extended on Halloween week!

The ART Corner
264 Washington Street
Salem, MA, 01970