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Thursday, July 06, 2006



I got to put up the window boxes out front. I tried one set of flowers, but didn't like them--snap dragons, because they went IMMEDIATELY to seed, so I bought purple petunias instead. I don't like petunias, but I DO like purple and petunias can stand the full sun.

The Fourth of July weekend did the snappers in, also, AND the pretty little flowers in the hanging baskets, so those now sport MORE petunias! (I'll take pictures of those tomorrow and post them soon.

Sorry I haven't been posting as often here; things have been hectic around here. Summer's supposed to be the SLOW time for the store, but we've been CRAZY busy, building the business, as well as completing framing for customers. Those pesky customers...JUST KIDDING!

PLUS summer means vacation: Nancy took ten days to California a while ago, which translates to about 3-4 days off at the ART Corner; I took a couple of days over Memorial Day weekend, plus a day and a half two weeks ago to go visit DAVE in Up State Ny; Elaine leaves for a long weekend in August to visit Melanie in California--her daughter, my niece! Also, we took Monday off this week, to accomodate the Fourth on Tuesday. A nice THREE DAY weekend!

We're back on track now, except for Elaine in August.

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