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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Lachesis may seem awkward and grotesque because of the huge bumps on her head. Many a customer has come in and said things like: "Ooo! It looks like her brains are on the outside!" or: "What's wrong with your fish? Is she sick?" or--my favorite: "Why is the fish wearing a shower cap?"

BUT, if you do a Google search on Oranda Goldfish, you will see that Lachesis is a FINE example of the breed! She actually seems far BETTER in "conformation" than some of the Prize Winning fish I've dug up on Google. Yes, Virginia, they have Fish Shows! They give ribbons to the Best Fish at the shows, just like the Four-H. A long time ago I had a bristle-nosed Plecostomus, an Anachistrus, win Best in State! Yes, I AM a Fish Geek!

On the down side, Lachesis has the Swim Bladder problem that makes her swim upside down. This doesn't hurt her, but it would be a definate point-loser from a judge's point of view. AND sometimes the head growth--which actually is only fleshy tissue, sort of like a wart--can grow over the eyes and the tissue needs to be TRIMMED! Yes, vets do that sort of thing, but you have to SEARCH for one who can do it! They mildly sedate the fish, then take it out of the water, perform the surgery quickly using a sharp scalpel, then return the fish to the water for a quick recovery. Hardly any blood is lost, because the tissue is sort of like a fatty deposit around the fish's head.


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