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Saturday, July 22, 2006



We're having construction at the store. I hired NOYSA CONSTRUCTION, who fixed some windows and the fascias on my house to come and do similar work at the store. (We're also thinking about redoing our kitchen and bath at the house and Noysa is a FRONT RUNNER to get the job! Roger Noiseaux is a nice guy and remembers all the little details you ask of him. PLUS he tells you straight out how much his sub-contractors want and how much HE adds for his fee!)

NOYSA is redoing the vinyl siding covering the fascias on the store building, because the wood underneath is rotting. Thankfully, the workers are finding LESS rot than we supposed! The photo shows one of the rear corners. the left side has been finished; the right is awaiting fixing.

AND we had the old, delapidated bulkhead removed and they paved over the spot. Now, no more cars get hung up on a useless cinder block foundation that leaked like a sieve into Justin's basement! NO MORE MUSHROOMS! Wheee!!

(I wish I had had the foresight to take a "before" photo, but, you know the saying--"forewarned means you have four arms! Or something like that...")

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