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Monday, April 17, 2006


Poor Chip!

I saw him listed on eBay as an "antique" from China, but I knew he wasn't. I liked him anyway and decided to bid on him. He was a nice decorative piece, antique or not. And the price was right to re-offer him to my customers.

Alas, poor Chip arrived broken into little bits! He had been poorly packed and, from the break pattern, his tail had suffered the telling blow. My husband named him Chip because of the sorry state in which he arrived. I couldn't just throw him out, as his head, neck and chest had survived, and his "personality" too. So I, day-to-day, pieced him back together as best I could, using Elmer's and modelling paste. Then I matched his color and painted in the broken bits to match.

A coat of spray gloss and--voila!--Chip is back together! But he's NOT FOR SALE! Not after what he went through. He's now the store's mascot, along with the fish--together they are Fish and Chip! Hee, hee!

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